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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Whats in ,whats out!

Whats In

Texture, fuzzy warm sweaters- Perfect for the season
Advice: Get sweaters that have texture to them.

 Sweaters with lace are adorable and work well together!
Stick to not-so-bright sweaters. The sweater its self is a big statement. (;

Cut Out Designs- There cute and adorable! Very funky<3

Whats Out

Old worn down Uggs: Uggs are ADORABLE. but if you have ever had a pair of Uggs. Then you know after a while they start to wear down. This of course is NOT attractive.

Flowy crop tops. - Nice when the weathers nice. Not so nice in winter!

A LOT of make-up. You are all beautiful, you don't need to look like you let a box of crayola crayons do you're make up.


  1. Nice combination of information and images. The overall layout of your blog is very professional. I look forward to reading more -- even though I am a guy. --RW

  2. Your blog is awesome! You used a lot of information, colors, and pictures.

  3. Your blog is very pretty and very good, you used enough information and you had many pictures to show the reader what it looks like.

  4. I love your blog! It shows a lot of detail. I love the formatting of this.

  5. Makeup is more of an art thing. If you can't apply it without it looking like you wiped your face with a dorito, its ALWAYS out. Way to make this an encouraging don't, saying everyone is beautiful makes it easier to ditch the junk :) -NH