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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Any Request?(;

So we are both going to start store reveiws! Or brand! Ethier one is fine! If you want us to reveiw a store or brand just comment below! Also comment things you want us to write about too! We LOVE feedback!  xoxoxo
-skinny mini

Scarfs, scarfs,scarfs!

-skinni mini

Scarfs, Scarfs, Scarfs!
scarfs are great for this season! They can make a plain shirt more interesting, and well..less plain! They can also keep you warm in this cold weather!

Just make sure you dont put too many patterns in to you're outfits!


Hey guys! Just a quick update. So as you probaly know this blog is run by 2 gals(; We decied to come up with "nicknames" so you know whos writting what! So now you will see...-Skinny Mini. OR -Curvy Girl. okay thats allll(:

There was a comment say how high rise shorts aren't for people with bigger butts. That isn't always true, Its just about what you have around the waist. Obviously if you have a muffin top while wearing them its not for you. But many people with bigger hips or a bigger butt look very nice in high rise shorts. This comes from a girl with a lot of junk in the trunk as well. I have a pair of high rise shorts and i have had people tell me that I look very good in them. Like I said before high rise shorts aren't for people with a muffin top but its okay if you got a little back!

-Curvy girl ;)

Makeup. Do's and dont's

We had a comment saying how "A lot of makeup is okay as long as you know how apply it." And this can be true, if you actually know what you're doing with make up...if you are a 14 year old  you probably don't know what you're doing.... even with all the youtube tutorials. Ask any makeup artist less is better. And if you are going to use bold make up. Like eye liner/or bright eye shadow. DO NOT over load. Its already making a big statement you don't need to over load on it.

-skinny mini

Friday, February 15, 2013

Unique finds(;




Unique finds(;
If you would like to find more unique finds to to

Its a site were a bunch of cool, stylish and cheep stuff are. Yes, i realize the stuff shown is not the cheep, but on the site there iss a bunch of cool cheep stuff. On Wanelo you make your own profile, and then you go to the home of wanelo, and when you see a product you like you save it. The saved product goes straight to your profile. That way later you can go and buy it! Its a really nice place to find unique cute stuff! I go on there atleast once a day. Its ACA-AMAZING<3

High rise shorts!

HIGH RISE SHORTS: High rise shorts are a great clothing piece! But they are not for everyone! If you are 30 or above or obese DO NOT try and rock this look! like I said not for everyone. High rise shorts can be paired with leggings or tights in the winter to make them "season appropriate" DO NOT go out side with high rise shorts and nothing under them in -30 degree weather! This advice will save you from hypothermia! In the summer you can pair the high rise shorts up with a shirt that shows some belly, also known as a "belly-shirt", this does not mean go out in a shirt that is completely open or a shirt that is just a bra. In the winter these short would be a good look with a flowey sweater! And mostly please accept that this look isn't for everyone..... Mr. Wirth that means you!

ACSESSORIES: Earing cuffs.

 Earing cuffs are very unique and make a great statement! You don't even need to get you're ears pierced again! (except for the one on your ear lobe) There adorable and look great with an up-do!


Fancy dresses are made to wear for special occasions NOT to wear around town when ever you want! Always remember that you are not supposed to go to the grocery in a dress that is ment for your senior prom!

Sun dresses would be fine to do your weekend chores in as long as they are appropriate for your age! Make sure you shop for dresses in the correct age group shops! No one wants to see a 90 year old showing some skin! :P


This is aweeeeesome yo. xoxo

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Whats in ,whats out!

Whats In

Texture, fuzzy warm sweaters- Perfect for the season
Advice: Get sweaters that have texture to them.

 Sweaters with lace are adorable and work well together!
Stick to not-so-bright sweaters. The sweater its self is a big statement. (;

Cut Out Designs- There cute and adorable! Very funky<3

Whats Out

Old worn down Uggs: Uggs are ADORABLE. but if you have ever had a pair of Uggs. Then you know after a while they start to wear down. This of course is NOT attractive.

Flowy crop tops. - Nice when the weathers nice. Not so nice in winter!

A LOT of make-up. You are all beautiful, you don't need to look like you let a box of crayola crayons do you're make up.