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Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Skinny Mini and I are still taking requests! for anything brands, a type of clothing, stores, etc! So please keep giving us some stuff to review! We will always listen to the feedback you guys give us! so just comment things below of what you would like for us to review! TTFN! Ta Ta For Now!!!

Brand names

Brand Names

You have herd of these bands before, they are super duper popular! A lot of teenagers wear there clothing and go shopping there. And don't get me wrong, they can have some pretty cute clothes. BUT i think most people shop there because its "cool" They tend to have ridiculous prices.  A t-shirt could be $40!! Just because it has there logo on it. Its quite ridiculous. You could find the same clothing type at a different store for MUCH cheaper. Just this weekend i got a abercrobie sweater at marshles that would have been 30$ but i got it for 14$! Another problem with these types of stores is sense everyone wears there clothing cause there "popular" no one really stands out, and has there own style. But that does not mean you can not shop there at all! I sometimes go in there and fine a few ADORABLE things. Just its not my MAIN place to shop. Thats allll(: ALSO..its not the two brands up there, there are many more like it. So venture out, dont just wear the brand names! Wear something that shows who YOU are. c:

-Skinni mini


Toms are a great brand of shoes! But regular Toms are probably not for colder weather. If you live in a place where it is warm almost 24/7, then that is probably a really good place to own Toms. They are great for a trip to the beach or just around when you live in warmer weather! Also the color or design on your toms should match the outfit that you are wearing that day! There are many kinds of tom and some are way different and are like sneakers while others are boots and some are just like regular toms. They do make Toms that could be for colder weather.
-Curvy Girl :)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Store reviews!c; Review. 

I had never herd of this store before someone requested a review.  And its very VERY vintage! They also not just regular clothing, they have clothing for petites, maternity clothing, makeup, shoes. They also have designers, and collections. This means that there very expensive. 

Their clothing is all pretty expensive. They have some clothing, some are a little TOO funky. I would use this store if you have a very vintage style (and can afford it) Or if you are looking for a dress or something fancy for an occasion, this is a great place to look! c:
★ ★  ☆ ☆ Reveiw

You have probably herd of this store, its pretty popular. I LOOOOOOOVE Forever21. I wish Bangor Mall had one): I don't shop there often, mostly because there is not one in the Bangor Mall. There clothing is unique and not very expensive. Great place to shop!


-Skinny Mini

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Any Request?(;

So we are both going to start store reveiws! Or brand! Ethier one is fine! If you want us to reveiw a store or brand just comment below! Also comment things you want us to write about too! We LOVE feedback!  xoxoxo
-skinny mini

Scarfs, scarfs,scarfs!

-skinni mini

Scarfs, Scarfs, Scarfs!
scarfs are great for this season! They can make a plain shirt more interesting, and well..less plain! They can also keep you warm in this cold weather!

Just make sure you dont put too many patterns in to you're outfits!


Hey guys! Just a quick update. So as you probaly know this blog is run by 2 gals(; We decied to come up with "nicknames" so you know whos writting what! So now you will see...-Skinny Mini. OR -Curvy Girl. okay thats allll(: