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Monday, March 4, 2013

Store reviews!c; Review. 

I had never herd of this store before someone requested a review.  And its very VERY vintage! They also not just regular clothing, they have clothing for petites, maternity clothing, makeup, shoes. They also have designers, and collections. This means that there very expensive. 

Their clothing is all pretty expensive. They have some clothing, some are a little TOO funky. I would use this store if you have a very vintage style (and can afford it) Or if you are looking for a dress or something fancy for an occasion, this is a great place to look! c:
★ ★  ☆ ☆ Reveiw

You have probably herd of this store, its pretty popular. I LOOOOOOOVE Forever21. I wish Bangor Mall had one): I don't shop there often, mostly because there is not one in the Bangor Mall. There clothing is unique and not very expensive. Great place to shop!


-Skinny Mini

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  1. They have an open spot where the pet shop used to be and I keep saying that should be Forever 21!!!! :) --NH