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Friday, February 15, 2013

High rise shorts!

HIGH RISE SHORTS: High rise shorts are a great clothing piece! But they are not for everyone! If you are 30 or above or obese DO NOT try and rock this look! like I said not for everyone. High rise shorts can be paired with leggings or tights in the winter to make them "season appropriate" DO NOT go out side with high rise shorts and nothing under them in -30 degree weather! This advice will save you from hypothermia! In the summer you can pair the high rise shorts up with a shirt that shows some belly, also known as a "belly-shirt", this does not mean go out in a shirt that is completely open or a shirt that is just a bra. In the winter these short would be a good look with a flowey sweater! And mostly please accept that this look isn't for everyone..... Mr. Wirth that means you!


  1. Definitely not a good look for girls with a bunch in the back...just sayin'. You missed that, but it definitely makes you look much bigger than you really are. --A big girl who can't wear high-waisted shorts

  2. OMG!! this blog is sooooo good its like wow!!!